Three Tips to Getting Organized for the New Year

1.  Pare Down (Decorations) for a Fresh Start – You’ll Thank Me Next Holiday Season

The holidays are over. And if your home is anything like ours, there is a ton of clutter!  Gifts need to be put away, decorations need to come down and there are a ton of left over boxes from shipments.

Any holiday decorations you didn’t use this year? Chances are you may not use them next year, either. These can go in the donation pile.  Starting with less stuff will help break the cycle for the next Holiday Season!

2. Declutter and Schedule

Clutter is what really makes cleaning difficult. Having a decluttering routine in place is key.  Cleaning up clutter on a regular basis will make actual cleaning a lot easier.  For example, putting cookware, utensils and plates away after each meal will make wiping down counter tops go much faster.  Keeping up with your decluttering routine on a daily basis will make your cleaning schedule go smoother.

To further explain, a schedule of when you do what will help with consistency:

For me, Monday is a hard day to get motivated.  So, I pick something “easy”.  Mondays are for vacuuming the living room.  Tuesday night is bathroom wipe down night.

3. Divide and Conquer!

Pairing items with like uses will not only help you pare down (no one needs 13 types of face washes), but it will assist you with keeping things corralled. One of my favorite items is a divided turntable.  They have so many uses!  You could very easily use this organization go-to in every room of your house. I keep my spices and oils in one, and I keep my bathroom essentials in one under my bathroom sink.

And if work finds you talking with customers a lot, consider using a sales CRM to stay organized.

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